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I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but Smogon's description of contrary only mentions stat drops from moves
"All moves that would lower one of the wielder's stat stages increase that stat by the same amount"
It should be changed to
"All moves, abilities or items that would lower one of the wielder's stat stages increase that stat by the same amount" to avoid any confusion. Or just use "effects" in general.
So, is Run Away still pretty much useless, or did they improve upon it in anyway (like allowing it to pass through trapping moves)?
Hello I think I found something new:
I use Drapion to catch some Mons (It has false swipe and crunch)
false swipe dealt against a neutral mon ~25% damage and than it healed with recover. Than I used crunch and it OHKO it. As Crunch is only 3x stronger, the Pokemon should be left with a red healthbar.
It wasn't effective or supereffective (aka neutral)
no crits
tested it in friend safari several times (false swipe ~25% crunch always OHKO).

My conclusion: Battle armor (Drapion ability) seems to boost STAB moves a little bit. Could someone else test this, too?
The effects of STAB don't directly correlate to the base power of a move. They apply to the actual damage done. So it wouldn't do the amount you'd expect.
So in case anyone was wondering I confirmed last night that you can get leftovers with the pickup ability in X/Y, got one on my level 83 Linoone. Other items I got from my Linoones (all level 81-90) were:
Ultra ball
Max revive
Full restore
Sun stone
Moon stone
PP up
Rare candy
Prism scale

It looks like the only item from the ones you could pick up in B/W in the 81-90 range that I didn't get was a heart scale.

Edit: I got a couple heart scales today while looking for more leftovers. It's probably pretty safe to assume the x/y pickup list is the same as b/w
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These are just the in-game descriptions of the abilities. That information stays in the battle mechanics thread.
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